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Find out the advantages of partnering up with one or several of our member agencies!

What is the typical profile of an EPRG agency?

All agencies have their core strength revolving around the IT- and telecommunication industry. They are acting locally with very strong skills in the European market. Clients are from the hardware and software manufacturer side as well as distributors and service providers.

What are the core competences of an EPRG agency?

In the first place, the agencies are real communication professionals. Their customers trust them not only because of their strong skills regarding public relations. The real value is a deep business and knowledge background.

Who is the ideal target customer of an EPRG agency?

The perfect target customers are midrange companies with the need to communicate within more than one European country. Because of our local expertise we are also able to service small clients. Supporting enterprise partners is more of a challenge for us, depending on the customerís needs and demands.

What is our position compared with global agencies?

EPRG agencies are independent, privately owned agencies acting in the most dynamic way. Their strengths lie within their respective local ICT markets, servicing mostly small and medium-sized businesses and also, to some extent, big enterprises. Due to flat hierarchies and fast decision-making processes, the agencies are very flexible, which also reflects on pricing issues.

What is our position compared with freelancers?

The teams of our member agencies have vast experiences in the operating ICT business. They are aware of structures and processes and therefore have an advantage when it comes to high-value counselling of customers. Working environment infrastructures and the ability to invest makes it easier to react flexibly to customerís extra needs. This is the foundation to build up stategies and long-term relationships.


The consulting abilities of EPRG agencies help to get a clear view on the communicative possibilities and thus on the possibilities of building a long-term awareness of businesses on a European or targeted countriesí level. Customers get a view on the success factors of an efficient pan-European communication as well as on the different distribution channels and competitors. Thus, markets will be made more transparent and can be evaluated for a most efficient and targeted communication process.

Direct contact to agencies and journalists/analysts in Europe

To get an impression of the media abroad and its possibilites, close contact to relevant key media and its journalists and analysts are of utmost importance. Only in the dialogue with these influencers, clients can get an overview of the communicative possibilities in their targeted countries. These contacts are the base of building a network within the media world.

The EPRG PressRoom

The EPRG PressRoom is a unique digital communications tool for agencies. Its aim is to intelligently support and provide high-standard PR work. Especially with the subtle yet simple search algorithms, newsletter and RSS feed functions, the PressRoom is a day-to-day tool for journalists in Europe. Releases of EPRG clients are published in a portal, especially designed for the client, in the EPRG agenciesí PressRooms as well as in the EPRG PressRoom, which contains all press releases distributed by EPRG agencies in Europe and beyond. Additionally, the releases are shown on the websites of all EPRG agencies using the PressRoom. Therefore, the PressRoom concept is the ideal and high-quality tool to present clientsí information.