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Technology and innovation driven markets have special challenges according to marketing and communications aspects, such as time to market and life cycle management or even the speediness of information flow in the target market demand a precise planning of all measures.

The frequent, rather economic and objective, characterizing of products and services demands moreover a cleverly implemented world of emotion. In particular it is this that makes the necessary differentiation to competitors, which on the side of the actual product performance is frequently comparable and is furthermore responsible for an image that inspires confidence.

A correct positioning of a product, service and image belong to the essential success parameters of good public relations.


B2B within the ICT trade is subject to a continual transformation. In particular the areas of sales and marketing are very difficult. Thus an evident proportion of the responsibility for commercial activities lies with the manufacturer itself. It is, in part, also taken on by the distribution, then however, in another function.

The separation of tasks, within professional market information and communication, is, especially in the area of selective marketing, of primary relevance.

Only when all marketing agents in the supply chain, within the framework of their individual function, are used optimally, does the leverage effect of the ultimate results add up.

The consultants of EPRG agencies have been very familiar with the business processes of B2B. Their task is the entire assessment of all possibilities within the push and pull segments of the B2B segment in terms of their customers.