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The European Public Relations Group

Welcome the the website of the European Public Relations Group - EPRG.

As companies search for opportunities to reach new customers throughout the world, the EPRG European Public Relations Group provides you with the expertise of PR agencies all over Europe. Clients benefit from advanced local and international knowledge and excellent key media contacts, leading to success through the best public relations and communications capabilities.

European ICT competence in PR

Unlike many large PR network organisations, the EPRG consists of a number of private and independent agencies, each equipped with a great deal of know-how, market understanding and passion for communication. Thus, working with EPRG agencies is not simply business, but a synergy of action, drive and mutual trust.

All partner agencies maintain an exceptionally high standard in the IT- and telecommunications sector as well as other business areas.

The group is headed by the founder and lead agency Riba:BusinessTalk GmbH in Germany.

Find out how we can support you in increasing visibility throughout Europe, strengthening communications in your relevant market and making your business an even bigger success!